Summer Care Tips for your Horse-Why you should invest in a fly Rug! or some fly spray!

Tempest Original Fly Rug

Why you should invest in a fly Rug! or some fly spray!

We all know summer is a great time to ride, but with summer heat comes all sorts of nasties such as a risk of sunburn, annoying flies and possible dehydration. Check out some tips below on why you should invest in the best fly rugs, fly sprays and electrolytes on the market!

Here are some handy tips to keep your horse healthy over the coming months:

  1. INVEST IN A FLY RUG – Protect your horse by simply investing in a good fly rug. There are lots available on to suit all budgets. Not only will these rugs protect your horse against flies- but most rugs also have a built-in UV filter which will also protect against sunburn! Its important to ensure the size is right to avoid irritation and an additional belly wrap underneath will prevent flies getting in! Check out our selection of fly rugs here!
  2. USE A FLY SPRAY-If you don’t think it is necessary to invest in a rug-why not try a fly spray to repel those nasty annoying flies- we have lots available here ! If your horse does not like the idea of a spray-try one of these handy fly gels! Or try one of these clever citronella tags from NAF which are easily attached to the head-collar or bridle and gives up to 6 weeks fly repellent. You can buy these NAF Citronella Tags here!
  3.  PROVIDE FRESH COOL WATER & AN ELECTROLYTE SOURCE-Finally for today make sure your horse gets enough water by making sure there is a constant supply of fresh water available. If you feel your horse is not drinking enough-why not add a salt lick to their diet? You could also add an electrolyte to their diet-this is important especially if your horse is in hard work or competing. This ensures your horse gets the minerals and salts they lose through sweating back into their system.We have lots of electolytes available here!

Keep an eye on our blog for more handy summer tips coming soon!

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