Agrobs Alpine Forage Muesli


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  • Suitable for horses with sensitive metabolisms
  • Made without artificial additives
  • Low in starch and sugar
  • Grain and molasses free

1 in stock

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Product Description

Agrobs Alpine Forage Muesli – 15kg bag

Agrobs Alpen Forage Muesli is a grain and molasses-free muesli for a natural and species-appropriate feed,

Based on the Pre Alpin dry green fibres from warm air-dried grasses and herbs and refined with root vegetables such as parsnips, carrots and beetroot, Agrobs Alpine Forage Muesli delivers easy to digest raw fibre and natural, organically bound minerals, vitamins and secondary plant substances.

Sunflower seeds, linseed and black cumin provide essential fatty acids. The pectins contained in the vitamin-rich apple pomace support the intestinal flora and make AlpenGrün muesli particularly tasty.

Marigold and cornflower blossoms, raspberry and blackberry leaves and rose hips complete the AlpenGrün Muesli recipe.

Feeding recommendation:

  • Depends on the type of breed and performance needs
  • As the sole concentrate: approx. 100 – 500 g per 100 kg of target body weight
  • To supplement the traditional feed: 1 kg of AlpenGrün muesli replaces approx. 1 kg of grain
  • If necessary, the feed can also be fed moistened with water


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