Air Motion Fly Mask with Ears

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Air Motion Fly Mask with Ears

A comfortable solution to insect and fly irritation during warm weather, the breathable 3D mesh fabric used in these fly masks offers advanced cooling action, actively circulating the air to keep moisture levels low. Heat build up is reduced and dryness is promoted. Aerated ears and elasticated fleece seam trims ensure a close, comfortable fit. Further benefits include: Sun visor shades eyes. Structured eye mask. Clear vision ripstop mesh. Aerated ears. Ultra-breathable. Adjustable safety fastenings with pull tabs. 70+% average UV blocking, minimum rating 60+% for eye mesh. Effectiveness may diminish over time. Test carried out in accordance to BS EN 13758-I-2002+AI:2006.

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Pony, Cob, Full


Coral, Aqua


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