Agrobs AlpenGrün Müsli


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  • PRE ALPIN dried green fibres and root vegetables provide highly-digestible crude fibre
  • high-quality oil mixture of linseed oil and camelina oil as source of essential fatty acids
  • free of grain and molasses, without artificial additives
  • appropriate for all horses
  • made without lucerne
  • sunflower seeds, linseed and black cumin enhance digestion
  • rich in natural vital substances

6 in stock

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Product Description

Agrobs AlpenGrün Müsli

True to Nature

Once a wild animal of the steppes, the horse has evolved over the millennia into a faithful companion to humans. Attitudes towards husbandry and feeding have changed accordingly, unfortunately not always with positive effects on equine health. These days, horses are often given feeds that are too high-energy. Feeds that are high in cereals are often low in crude fibre and vital substances. AlpenGrün Müsli can help.

Alpengrün Müsli is a cereal-free, molasses-free müsli to give your horse the nutrients it needs naturally. It boasts a highly digestible structure in combination with root vegetables, fruits, leaves and blossoms.

AGROBS AlpenGrün Müsli contains grasses and herbs harvested from lush meadows at optimum times and then gently dried with warm air, allowing them to maintain their fibre structure. AlpenGrün Müsli ensures an optimum supply of crude fibre, promotes chewing and supports gut health. Calendula and cornflower blossoms, raspberry and blackberry leaves, and rose hips pack a large number of natural vital substances. Sunflower seeds, linseeds and nigella provide essential fatty acids with mucilaginous substances to promote healthy digestion.

AlpenGrün Müsli contains no cereals, bran or molasses, making it a healthy part of your horse’s feed ration. AlpenGrün Müsli’s low starch and sugar content also makes it suitable for horses with sensitive metabolisms.

Ingredients tailored to the needs of horses

  • High in crude fibre
  • High in natural vital substances
  • Low in starch and sugar, contains no molasses
  • No artificial additives


  • as single crib feed
  • as supplementation, rich in vital substances, to crib feed
  • appropiate for all horses
  • for a low-starch and low-sugar diet


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