Pro Mesh Lite Event Boots Black/Blue Front



Product Description

Pro Mesh Lite Event Boots Black/Blue Front

  • Lightweight
  • Fits like a glove (Even for the largest and the smallest of bone widths)
  • Easy to clean
  • Doesn’t move or rub or slip*
  • Doesn’t absorb water or mud (keeping it lightweight)*
  • Can be worn all day!*

These versatile boots can be used for schooling, jumping, XC, hunting or polo.

Completely innovative Pro Mesh boots are the most breathable on the market. They have an integrated layer that offers superior airflow to cool the leg, but stops sand and dirt passing through the outer layer avoiding rubbing and grazing of the leg. They provide excellent impact and abrasion protection and are designed to stretch slightly to allow movement in the joints, offering outstanding comfort.

The Pro Mesh shell and comfort lining do not absorb water which can increase weight and may contribute to boots slipping.

The unique hexagonal holes reduce the weight of the boot. Our unique manufacturing process means no adhesives are used during production, increasing strength and durability without compromising on protection and comfort. These boots offer a glove-like fit due to the naturally hypoallergenic polyolefin closed cell foam which is perforated to increase air flow.

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