LeMieux Vector Control Stirrup


Product Description

The LeMieux Vector Control stirrup is a new generation of stirrup

  • Technically advanced and lightweight, but retaining a classic style expected from LeMieux
  • Made from aviation grade aluminum that offers an impressive strength to weight ration, making them lighter than most stirrups on the market at just 419g each whilst not compromising on stability.
  • The ergonomic footplate of the Control Stirrup is set at 0 ¼ with a cross-track grip surface with embedded hardened steel pins to provide maximum security of the boot.
  • The footplate is supported by a twin balance arch system that distributes the weight evenly across the base of the stirrup frame.
  • The apex of the frame is recessed and off-set, encouraging a 45 ¼ outward orientation which makes it easier for the rider to locate the optimum angle for the foot and regain a lost stirrup.
  • An integrated hinged arm has a two-stage release system, preventing unintentional opening. The spring loaded arm locks into the base of the main frame meaning that when under maximum pressure, such as landing over a fence, the rider’s weight is spread evenly across the stirrup, preventing the outside dropping and flexing. When pressure is put onto the arm of the stirrup, the arm releases allowing the foot to come out of the stirrup and minimizing the risk of it getting stuck. The stirrup arm breakout force = 36N (equivalent to 3.62kg) in testing meaning enough resistance to stop it opening unintentionally, but will release when needed.
  • Competition Legal (FEI, British Dressage, British Eventing and British Showjumping)

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