Rambo Micklem Diamante Competition Bridle


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Product Description

The Micklem bridles are designed to comfortably fit the shape of the horse’s skull, avoiding pressure on sensitive areas. The Micklem® Competition bridle is a show quality bridle made from hand finished leather with soft padding on the headpiece, browband, noseband and cheekpieces. Comes with tongue protection bit clips and 2 sets of bit straps. Cannot be used as a bitless bridle or lunge Cavesson.

Horses love the Rambo Micklem bridle because it is the first bridle that is designed from the shape of the skull itself, instead of just from the outward appearance of the head. Therefore this prevents the damage and discomfort that is frequently caused, both to the facial nerves and the sensitive tissues lining the cheeks inside the mouth, by tight fitting cavesson and flash nosebands and many traditional bit-free bridles . So say goodbye to the huge problems caused by the projecting molar teeth of the upper jaw, say goodbye to discomfort on the poll, and say goodbye to wasting money on unused bridleware

Key Information regarding the Micklem Bridle;

1. The noseband sits higher avoiding pressure on the fragile nose bones. The bottom back strap gives similar functionality to a flash noseband.

2. The Noseband avoids pressure on the motor and sensory nerves exiting at this point, reducing discomfort and numbness on the lower areas of the head.

3. A shaped, widened and padded headpiece with no separate uncomfortable narrow noseband, spreads the pressure evenly over a wide area of the poll.

4. The shaped cheekpiece fits comfortably around the protruding cheekbones, avoiding unnecessary pressure.

5. The noseband and back straps avoid the protruding molar teeth, so sensitive tissue inside the mouth is not damaged.

Size’s Available Pony, Small Horse, Standard Horse, Large Horse


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