Acavallo Gel Out Seat Saver


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Please note these are ‘Jump’ fit, so are best suited for GP or Jump saddles. If you are interested in ordering the dressage fit, please email us for more information.

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Product Description

Acavallo Gel Out Seat Saver – 10mm version

  • The seat saver with a big difference!
  • Helps give secure and stable seat
  • Minimises bouncing on a big mover
  • Improves control and safety on a naughty horse


A revolutionary concept in seat saver design offering security as well as comfort. The unique shock absorbing qualities of Acavallo’s therapeutic gel are well known. Their range of non slip gel pads have benefited horses for many years – now it’s the turn of the rider! The unique breathable gel construction supports the rider’s upper body stabilising the seat bones and preventing any unnecessary movement. It also significantly reduces concussion in the lower back.


Discrete and easy to fit to any saddle this Gel Seat Saver will help the rider stay secure whilst jumping & hacking, and help achieve a deep and stable seat for dressage. Can be used under British Dressage rules

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