Agrobs Pre Alpine Forage Mash – 15kg


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  • horses with sensitive metabolism (laminitis, EMS, PSSM, Cushing, KPU)
  • before and during moulting
  • prevention for horses with sensitive digestion
  • digestion problems
  • for regeneration or as additional feed
  • for older horses
  • healthy supplement to normal feed ration

4 in stock

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Product Description

Agrobs Alpine Forage Mash – 15kg

Agrobs Pre Alpin Forage Mash are high in fibre, low in sugar, starch and protein but full of minerals and vitamins, nutritious and safe feeds for every horse. Horses love the fresh alpine meadow smell of Pre Alpin feeds which are also very palatable. Our product range is equally suitable for horses with EMS (insulin resistance), PPID (cushings), laminitis, respiratory problems, food sensitivities and those recovering from illness. Agrobs Pre Alpin feeds are 100% pure and natural, no preservatives, additives, binders or fillers and versatile in use:

  • Substitute for a concentrate feed
  • Mix and match Pre Alpin products – create your own recipe to your horses taste preference
  • Add to existing rations
  • Make a combination feed of unmolassed sugar beet (30%) and a Pre Alpin product (70%)
  • Forage replacer—when turn out is limited or poor grazing or horses with poor teeth
  • Mix with water – most horses prefer feeds moist. Also ideal for re-hydration after competition or making a mash for veterans

Gut problem – then keep it ‘green’!

Alpengrun Mash is a 100% pure and natural feed supplement for horses with gut issues and diarrhea. Mash calms, soothes and settles the gut quickly.

The AlpenGrün Mash consists primarily of patented product called Prenatura®-Fibres, comination of leaves and seeds of air-dried grasses and herbs.

Thanks to their high nutrient content, e.g. trace elements, vitamins and phytochemicals, Prenatura®-Fibers provide horses with highly-digestible fiber, enhancing intestine well-being and encouraging the growth of useful intestinal flora.

Mash works on four fronts:
1. Prebiotic
2. High in anti-oxidants to boost immune system
3. High in natural raw fibre to lower production of gastic acid
4. Provides a high content of mucilage which has a protective effect on the gastric mucosa.

Winner of the Innovation Product of the Year in 2013 at Equitana!


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